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Are you tracing your Surrey Ancestors?

Do you want to know more about your Surrey Ancestors?

Research into your ancestry is time consuming, frustrating and endless. Whether you want to research your family tree as far back as possible or whether you want to know more in depth details of your ancestors lives let me do the hard work for you.

Please see my Research Services.

What is Ancestry?

This may sound obvious but your Ancestry is your origins or background. 

What is Genealogy?

Your Genealogy is the record of your descendants, prepared from valid sources of information and documents showing you are connected to another person, probably better known by most as a family tree.

What is Family History?

Your family history, is more than just a family tree, it is a biographical study of your descendants, their life, the community and country in which they lived, prepared from valid sources of information and document.



Professionalism, compassion and expertise makes this an excellent service

Laura Davies

Very happy with the report, answered the questions I had about my grandfather and raised many more. A lot more information than family members have been able to find.

Mr C Boyson

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