Week 9 of our family lockdown

With the country now technically no longer in lock down but we’re now being asked to stay alert, it has felt like a more ‘normal’ week albeit more like a school holiday week than a school week. I must say with the lovely weather we have had this week, there has been little homeschooling and more ‘nurturing’ in our house.

Whilst James has done a small amount of school work – practising writing and some maths games

we have mainly concentrated on out mental health, getting out and about a little – visiting and exploring Chilworth Gunpowder Mill trail where the kids loved playing pooh sticks in the stream and enjoyed a lovely walk through what seemed like a wilderness with the area largely being left and being a little overgrown (especially around the picnic area), learning about grinding stones and dragons teeth.

We also spent a day at the beach this week (Littlehampton a 22 miles drive) whilst we hoped it might be quieter than next week when it is half term! it was the hottest day of the week and although it was quite busy there was plenty of space and (most) people were sensible and mindful of the 2 metre rule. We had a lovely day and it was nice to just have a normal family day out with a picnic.

James has also been very busy building with his knex …. i’d almost say he’s obsessed with it!

Coming up to the end of the week we are reminded that come Sunday we should have been flying off to Greece for our weeks sailing holiday which has now of course had to be postponed for a year 😢. So how do we console ourselves and make it feel like a staycation rather than just another week? With a new swimming pool for the garden – yes swimming pool not paddling pool! OK so we may have gone a little over the top with a 12 foot pool 🤣 but the smaller ones were all out of stock and the kids just couldn’t wait … although I’m not sure who was more excited about it me of the kids! 🤣🤣🤣 Its already been worth the money even if we have to wear wet suits on the colder days!!!! 😍and so looking forward to spending a lot of time in it over the half term week!

So here’s to week 10, bank holiday Monday, half term week, and looking forward to a return to a ‘new’ normal with James back at school and Rose back at nursery (albeit only two days a week for Rose). I’m not getting into that debate …..

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