General Research Services

I offer a bespoke research service tailored to your requirements which can include:

A Pedigree family tree of your ancestors;

A family biography – a narrative report of your direct ancestors lives

 Breaking down a “brick wall”

 Researching a particular line of your ancestral family 

Researching an individual ancestor

 Archive research on your behalf

All research undertaken is fully evidenced (subject to copyright). In all research undertaken, you will be provided with a narrative report setting out details such as the searches undertaken (both negative and positive), any difficulties encountered, any gaps in records, any name variants in the records.

How much does it cost?

My charges are tailored to your research requirements, taking into account any family history information you are able to provide to help start the research, including any family stories (even stories you may be sceptical about) which have been passed down through the generations and any research which has already been carried out. 

You will be provided with a tailored breakdown of my fees  to be agreed with you before any work is undertaken. 

If you would like further information and a quote please contact me either by go to my contact page and completing your details and details of the research you would like conducting or download my Research request form from the link below and email it to me with your research requirements:

I will then contact you as soon as possible and provide a fully detailed quote.