Research Services

I offer a bespoke research service tailored to your requirements, this can include:

  • A Pedigree family tree of your ancestors with supporting report (packages available)
  • Family biography for individual ancestors set to the events and times in which they lived
  • Breaking down a “brick wall”
  • Researching a particular line of your ancestral family which can also be set to the events and times in which they lived
  • Archive research on your behalf
  • A unique and personal family history gift for any special occasion

Going beyond the census returns, civil registration records and parish registers

Do you want to take your research beyond the 19th Century? Whilst parish registers may take your research so far, there is a wealth of records available to help extend you family tree and enrich your research to help bring you ancestors ‘alive’. Under used records are those of the various courts throughout history.

Whilst court records may not be an obvious starting point to research ancestors, many more than one may think will appear in them. The church courts, manorial courts, civil courts and criminal courts effectively acted as ‘local government’ governing our ancestors spirituality, morality, land and property rights, local rates and taxes, licencing and those same civil law disputes we have today such as family law, wills and probate, the law of tort, law of contract, law of trusts and equity and so on.

Many of these records provide a rich source of information on our ancestors, from their basic genealogical information (name, age, place of residence etc) to details of their extended family and their social, economic and political status. However few are accessible online and many are difficult to read and understand, particularly those before 1733 when Latin was the main language used in legal documents.

As a qualified solicitor with 20 years experience in civil and family law my specialist interest is in these legal records of our ancestors, so why not let me further and enrich your family history using this wide range of records. Such research can and should be incorporated with parish registers, parish records, wills and probate, land and tax records and a wide range of pre-18th century records available and local archives and the National Archives.

How much does it cost?

My charges are tailored to your research requirements, taking into account any family history information you are able to provide to help start the research, including any family stories (even stories you may be sceptical about) which have been passed down through the generations and any research which has already been carried out. 

You can instruct me to carry out a set amount of hours using one of my Pre 19th Century Research packages (see packages available) or I can provide a tailored breakdown of my fees to be agreed with you before any work is undertaken. 

Or why not purchase a personalised Gift Voucher which can be redeemed against any of my services.

All research undertaken is fully evidenced (subject to copyright). In all research undertaken, you will be provided with a narrative report setting out details such as the searches undertaken (both negative and positive), any difficulties encountered, any gaps in records, any name variants in the records and of course full details of the information found on each ancestors.

If you would like further information and a quote please contact me either by go to my contact page and completing your details and details of the research you would like conducting or download my Research request form and email it to me with your research requirements:

I will then contact you as soon as possible and provide a fully detailed quote.